WFF – Wettbewerbsfähiger Flughafen (Competitive Airport)

Continuing the work of the CARMA project, WFF kept the general concept of the management system for apron vehicles but further developed technical components and adapted the system to the use for luggage cars. Ten vehicles had been equipped with an on-board system and used during various test and validation trials at the airport. The ARIF again was the link between operational data systems and the developed research system.

The ground system, which is the main interface for the dispatcher, was placed in the control room of the groundhandler Groundstars, directly besides the operational system. From there tasks could be sent via datalink to the respective vehicles directly and in parallel to normal operations.


Connecting the control room of the groundhandler to the research network a big benefit of the ARIF architecture could be demonstrated. A direct comparison of the operational system and the research system was possible and immediate feedback from operators could be taken for improvements.